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The Evolution Of eggcicle. IVF what?


I was living 2000 miles from my family and was not surprised to see a call coming up on my phone from my older brother.  What came out of his mouth next was a bit more jarring.  He said simply, “Bec I think you should think about freezing your eggs and exploring your options with IVF.  I replied, “IVF what?”


In that same year following my brother’s call, I went to nine weddings and six baby showers.  I was anticipating at least another 5 baby showers when I was invited on a trip to Spain with some girlfriends.  I had given a lot of thought to the topic of egg freezing and done a fair amount of researching but had not let the cat out of the bag yet.  I waited until several bottles of cava had been consumed and mentioned that I was headed to the Dr. out of town for a series of tests.  I had decided to play my cards on the hopeful front and to freeze my eggs.  This announcement was met with cheers and more bottles and then plenty of questions.  Not one of them asked “Why?”  as they all understood in their own ways.  I was among an amazing collection of degrees, careers, experiences and only one recently married pal.  To my amazement, they were very supportive and continued to be a part of that process for months to come.


I met that appointment with excitement and hope after reading a ton of materials and a box full of tissues at the endocrinologist — One day I shared with her what most people don’t hear any of us say — I don’t have a husband, I do want one but there isn’t a prospect in sight, and I need to be hot, thin and still be able to have a baby at some point.  All the forces of nature are against me and I’m just a puddle right now.  With the pass of the tissue box and a fresh perspective, she responded.  ‘I can help with some of this but I think you should meet with the Jones Institute and freeze your eggs.  If anyone can do it they can and what do you have to lose?’  She gave me the information and encouraged me to arrange a consult.  Her ability to listen and not make judgments was unmatched in my experience to date with the medical profession.  She was the first and only physician to state that she had no experience in this matter but she knew who did and was as hopeful for me as anyone of my friends.

And so my IVF journey began the next morning with one new phone call to a fertility doctor who would change my future.

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