9 Lessons Learned Trying To Have A Baby

September 7, 2018

Your First Lesson In Control…Or Not When thinking about your fertility, control is not the word I’d use to describe how to have a baby. For those of us Type A women who like to plan and organize things, the process of trying to have a baby can be an eye-opener.  I wasn’t in control…

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The Evolution Of eggcicle. IVF what?

April 4, 2018

I was living 2000 miles from my family and was not surprised to see a call coming up on my phone from my older brother.  What came out of his mouth next was a bit more jarring.  He said simply, “Bec I think you should think about freezing your eggs and exploring your options with…

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Donor Eggs, From Heartache to Happiness

April 1, 2018

Our struggle to conceive I always kind of had a feeling that getting pregnant would be difficult for me. So as soon as my husband and I got married we started trying to get pregnant and then promptly requested the referral for a fertility doc at the 6-month mark (apparently with advanced maternal age, when…

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Pick an IVF Clinic

How to Pick a Fertility Clinic

March 23, 2018

3 Things to Consider As You Pick A Fertility Clinic On the surface sorting out how to pick a fertility clinic sounds like it should be a simple internet search and scheduling task.  There should be plenty of options on the internet to check out but once you start searching you may find yourself struggling to…

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