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How to Pick a Fertility Clinic


3 Things to Consider As You Pick A Fertility Clinic

On the surface sorting out how to pick a fertility clinic sounds like it should be a simple internet search and scheduling task.  There should be plenty of options on the internet to check out but once you start searching you may find yourself struggling to figure out what matters in this decision.  This is new territory for most women and taking this next step to try and have a baby can be highly emotional. Here are three things to consider as you start this new journey.

Location matters

Where you live matters when you pick an IVF clinic! In most cases, you have to be at the clinic every other morning for about two weeks for bloodwork, ultrasound monitoring, and embryo transfers.  If you live in a big city, the rush hour commutes alone could rule out some possible clinics.  In other more rural regions, the logistics of being at a clinic in the early morning and back at work during the monitoring phases can be a struggle.  The location gives you a place to start your searching.


Do some research

The next phase is all about the research once you’ve got some clinics in mind.  There is a range of statistical data about success rates and procedures available online.  The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) is the professional organization whose mission is to maintain standards for this industry.  SART publishes the success rates of its member clinics and is a great online resource for new patients. Once you’ve navigated the internet it’s time to reach out to friends and family who have been through this process.  Get their personal takes on the various options and learn how these clinics communicate, share cost information, handle special requests.  I found that these personal conversations gave me deeper insights and helped manage my expectations.


Find a clinic that fits you

Finally, I’d consider “fit” when you pick and IVF clinic.  The fit is comprised of two key elements in my mind; the doctor and the practice.  I think finding a doctor that understands your needs and communicates well with you is critical in this process. You have to be willing to trust your future family with this person and that they have your best interest at heart.  The practice type and size can also play into your decision to pick an IVF clinic.  Large facilities can be highly process driven and efficient.  Many people love the structure and ease of finding information about the next steps online etc.  Others see these large practices as more of a baby factory than a personal experience.  These are very personal preferences and should not be overlooked when you pick a fertility clinic.

In the end, this is all about you.  You need to trust that your doctor, nurses, and staff are there to help you achieve your dreams.  Now it’s time to book that first appointment!

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